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The day of your wedding will be the most important and special day of your life! After all the planning and waiting, when the big day comes you want to enjoy every moment of it! Ryan can help provide fun, laughter and magical entertainment to your special day. 

The value Ryan can add to a wedding event goes so much further than just the magic. This includes bringing guests together who may be too shy to approach and speak to another group they have not yet met before. Through Ryan's performance he likes to bring groups together and create a talking point which will seamlessly break the ice between guests and really get them in the mood for the rest of the day ahead! Also during any periods of lull in the day where guests may be sat waiting for the next item on the day's schedule, they can be kept excited with energy levels kept high through Ryan's highly interactive and engaging magic and mind reading experience! 

Post ceremony drinks reception magic

Once the ceremony of the wedding has taken place the happy couple will be lead to an area for the all important photos to be taken. This leaves members from the two families alone who may not have met before. This is where Ryan tends to come in with performing mix and mingle magic to bring groups together. This can be a perfect ice breaker and get everyone in positive spirits for the rest of the wonderful day that is yet to come. You won't need to worry about your guests and this gives you the chance to really focus in the moment for yourselves for creating an unforgettable perfect day.

Wedding Breakfast magic

I know from experience how hard it really is when it comes to setting tables plans and what tables you want your guests to be seated at. This often leads to members of each tables sitting within groups that they may not have met before or yet spoken to on the day. Bringing Ryan in to circulate the tables performing to them as a great helps provide a great experience and really get the table laughing and smiling between themselves! This can be whilst the guests are waiting for their meal, or between courses. This also gives the chance for the photographer to capture lots of fun and captivating shots of your guests which are always a joy to look back on! 

During this period Ryan will also dedicate a special performance to the happy couple that is tailored specifically to the stars of the day! Here Ryan includes giving away mementos to the couple of help remind them of the special day and make it that little bit more special. Again this also opens up the opportunity for additional photos which will provide something a little different to the rest of the gallery.


Ryan also likes to offer the alternative option to set up a small table/stand at the side of the room, this gives the chance for guests to approach Ryan to see the magic should they wish rather than the traditional table hopping! Please note this will also include a special performance to the couple via the top table.

Post wedding breakfast and speeches performance

This packages provides something different and exciting during the period of a possible lull before the evening guests start to arrive. Once the wedding breakfast and speeches are finished Ryan will perform a mini stand up 15-20 minute show to all of the guests in the wedding. This show has been thoughtfully put together to provide high quality entertainment and ensure everyone in the room is involved and kept engaged. During the performance there is guaranteed to be lots laughs, harmless banter, and a high quality level of entertainment for all to experience. 


Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you and have a chat about your special day and see how I can help provide value for a truly unforgettable experience. 

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